Activity 5: Coordination of the consortium and project management

The proposed project has a high degree of complexity because of the topic, the approach proposed, the system types under investigation and the number of partners involved. The duration of the project is very short, requiring coordination of the activities of the team working so that in the end to obtain the expected results using the most efficient financial, human and material available. The role of coordination is to achieve the objectives and achieve the goal of the project in an efficient manner, to ensure smooth functioning of the communication channels between the project partners and the sponsor of this program, as well as other national and international projects, the scientific community and with the beneficiaries of project activities.

Effective research activities cannot be achieved without the existence of an organizational structure that ensures an adaptive and efficient project management to achieve objectives. The partners have participated in a number of projects with internal and international financing. Work together with its subtasks will take place throughout the project implementation.

A.5.1. Coordination of the project

A.5.2. Achieving financial 'reporting

A.5.3. Making implementation plan