Activity 4: Ensure transparency and communication with the main players about the project activities and results

The activity aims to communicate the project results to the main players and other decision makers.

To be more specific, the work will result in:

  • Developing and maintaining the website and other communication tools (Facebook);
  • Production of presentation materials (brochures, newsletters, presentations spot) oriented towards the target groups (managers hunting, policy makers, civil society);
  • Presentation of the project results at international, national levels by participating in national and international conferences.

In this activity will be published

  • 10 guidelines/manuals of methodologies for identifying the ecological corridors (10 * 200 copies),
  • Guidelines for the methods of monitoring the ecological corridors (400 copies),
  • Guidelines for the actions of management / management for the ecological corridors (300 copies).

It will be achieved 1 spot for the presentation of project results. Also, the results will be promoted and 1 channel on YouTube.

At the beginning and end of the project will be carried out two press releases.

The project is mainly focus on creating awareness of the importance on identifying, mapping and monitoring of the ecological corridors management related socio-economic impact.

Activity 4 Dissemination of results, has the following subtasks:

A.4.1 Raising awareness to the main players; developing partnerships with governmental and nongovernmental organizations to act as a catalyst in order to obtain support for the activities of establishing the ecological corridors;

A.4.2 creating a communication plan to disseminate the project results

A.4.3 Designing, developing and maintaining a website dedicated to the project

A.4.4 Using social media to provide regular updates on the project activities and to present the results and as an active interface of the project

A.4.5 booklets, brochures and PowerPoint presentations for the members of the consortium in order to increase visibility of the project

A.4.6 A periodical newsletter for the main players

A.4.7 involvement in the dissemination and collaboration with other researchers at national and international level

A.4.8 linking with other projects at national and international levels through participation in national and international meetings with similar themes.

A.4.9 conducting two workshops with various main players;

A.4.10 conducting two workshops aimed especially for the decision makers and the managers of protected natural areas.

A.4.11 publication of guidelines methodologies for identifying the ecological corridors

A.4.12 Publication of the Guide methods for monitoring the ecological corridors

A.4.13 Publication of the guide management measures / management for the ecological corridors

A.4.14 making a presentation spot

A.4.15 Creating a YouTube channel