Activity 2: Mapping the network connectivity for species and habitats, identification and validation of the corridors

This activity consists in identifying the ecological corridors nationwide. It is a complex activity that requires implementing methodologies for identifying the ecological corridors, holding meetings with experts to select the elements necessary for shaping the activities needed to underpin the identification of the ecological corridors and other necessary elements will be achieved through consultations with the main players. This will enable the promotion and recognition of the multi functionality of the ecological corridors. For this activity were designed six subtasks as follows:

A.2.1 Consultations with experts for analysing the results of modelling / simulation of the corridors based on structural and functional connectivity

A.2.2 Identification of the corridors of national and regional importance

A.2.3 Identify barriers at national level

A.2.4 Verification of the land corridors existence and their quality

A.2.5 necessary criteria to identify corridors at regional level

A.2.6 Case studies identifying corridors at regional level