Project title: Ecological corridor for habitats and species in Romania

Project Acronym: COREHABS

The project is financed by the European Economic Space (SEE) 2009 – 2014, contract number 6326/14.09.2015 and it is part of the RO02 Programme: Biodiversity and ecosystems services, call for papers no. 2: "Increasing the capacity to manage and monitor ecological corridors".

The proposed project is located all over the territory of Romania and includes both protected areas within and outside its territory.

The project aims to identify, analyse and promote ecological corridors nationwide. For this project will development methodologies to establish the ecological corridors, including the designation criteria of them, identify critical areas and the training of specialists for better management and monitoring them.

By identifying the ecological corridors is expected an increased interest of the many benefits that these (natural areas, semi-natural) can bring to the human population (e.g. Reducing conflicts with wildlife), but especially for the different populations of native species of flora and fauna.

The COREHABS project will provide effective mechanisms for identifying, evaluating, monitoring and management of the connecting elements (corridors, areas of passage etc.) enabling the development of a coherent network of the protected areas. The project proposes the development of a typology of the ecological corridors, as well as their ranking. The COREHABS project will provide methodology to identify any type of corridors based on their typology and level. The project will be based on a transdisciplinary methodology, using the same theoretical and practical knowledge from different disciplines such as biology, ecology, hydrology, geo-morphology, forestry, Sociology and Economics in the identification, mapping, assessment, development management activities and monitoring cues.

The overall objective of the project is to develop a system of methodologies necessary to establish ecological corridors at a national, regional and local level by identifying critical areas in Romania in order to create the scientific, technical and administrative which conditions the accurate definition of an effective ecological corridor system and monitoring it on a long term.

Specific objectives:

1. Developing methodologies to establish ecological corridors at national, regional and local level by using modern spatial analysis;

2. The identification of national ecological corridors and the development of principles and measures for the monitoring and management of them to be included in national policies for nature conservation, land planning and any other relating fields (agriculture, water protection);

3. Dissemination of the project results to the general public to inform the main players on the role and functionality of ecological corridors;

4. Training of specialists for identifying the ecological corridors, monitoring and their management in Romania.